Rivoluzione Bio 2020, the main event of SANA RESTART: a whole day dedicated to the debate of strategic themes for the sector, that has seen the interaction of policy makers, experts and protagonists of the sector.
An opportunity for discussion with a multidisciplinary approach that continues the path of research, updating and innovation started with the 2019 edition and the drafting of the Manifesto Bio 2030.

The recent emergency linked to Covid-19 pandemic and the challenges launched by the Green Deal to achieve an environmental impact equal to zero to 2050 for the European Union, give renewed centrality to the environment and the role of organic.

A role that in recent years has become increasingly important not only in Italian agriculture, thanks to the broad recognition of the importance of protecting the environment and consumer health. In a context of strong dynamism, in which the correlation between organic, biodiversity and human capacity to mitigate pandemic risks is increasingly evident, it is therefore essential to take stock of the present in order to identify ideas and solutions that will guide the near future, even beyond national borders.

Social and business sustainability, soil regeneration, biodiversity protection, facing climate change, protecting the oceans and the economic circularity, active policies and new technologies are just a few of the issues that will be addressed during the event. Rivoluzione Bio 2020 aims to generate an original point of view and a fruitful discussion between main institutions, associations, representatives of the university and research community, important players from agriculture to distribution.

For this reason, the 2020 edition has been rethought in order to welcome the proposals of all the protagonists of the sector, with a special Call for Speaker, so that everyone can bring its experience and thoughts at the center of the debate and make it common heritage.